Meet Debraun


It all started when...

Debraun was born and raised in a small town in Central Valley of California.  She enjoyed the simple community and the freedom to grow up unhindered by the pressures of life in the fast-lane.  When she graduated High School as Student Body President, a future of leadership was predetermined.  She left her small-town comfort zone for Long Beach, California.  Debraun pursued a Masters Degree in Philosophy with the dream of becoming a University Professor.  

While attending college to earn her Masters, she realized that her passion was to follow in her family's footsteps. Debraun's family has been in the outdoor amusement and entertainment business since the 1930’s. She began working side jobs for special events: birthdays, weddings, etc.  She then started her own business renting photo booths at special events. Through this experience she met many people and began event planning. Once she completed her degree, she took a job as an event booking specialist for a large event company.  

Debraun is married to Adam West and for the past seven years she has been enjoying time with her husband and now 4 daughters! She loves being a mom, but her love to entertain is still part of her day-to-day life. She and her husband have enjoyed cultivating and creating Wild West Entertainment. Adam handles public events; such as, fairs, festivals, concerts, etc. Debraun specializes in custom private events.